Friday, December 5, 2008

Our new fireplace!

Okay so I was super bored today cuz my mom took Austin and a bunch of dudes skiing today... I was cleaning (crazy I know) lol and God laid it on my heart to make our family a fireplace rather than complain about not having one... :) So I took apart a box of stuff I still had yet to unpack and Created this!!!
PS: (I edited the pic it really just looks like a fireplace made out of cardboard) :)

6 SAY SOz:

CaMeRoN said...

hmmm i wonder who those guys ur mom took skiing were... hahaha

Lexi said...

Ya I wonder who!! Next time I decided I'm going to go so London wont be by herself lol

Stephanie Lane said...

wow! talk about GHETTO!

aLLi said...

Girl you are ghetto!lol but i gotta love it:) Ill come over if im ever feelin chilly:)

Dr3's B!og said...

AHHHHH!!! im dying of hypothermia!! how much r u selling the fireplace for??

Lexi said...

Steph: Okay u rich person! You try being poor for ONE day!!! hahah
Alli: Okay you do that! N afterwards we can go to PF Changs:)
Dre: Dude Dre I'll make you one for a simple payment of a cardboard box!!! hahahahahahaha