Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a Crazy Sunday!!!

Wow today was purty insane!! This morning was the LAST time I will ever let my mom switch over her purses without me to make sure she doesn't forget anything!!! LOL so she forgot her keys to the front door when we left and HOW she locked the front door without it I DO NOT KNOW... But anyways we got home and came to realize we were locked out of my own home!!! Me being my like relaxed self suggested FOOD to hold us over while we wait to call our landlords... They didn't pick up OMG!!! haha so my mom called Austin and asked if him and Luke could come save us and they said yes!! But their retarded ride LOL jk Cameron wouldn't bring them till after they went shopping ugh (Lexi locked outside and they're SHOPPING) so my mom did it! She yanked open out front window and forced me in hahahahaha YEEEEAHHHHH!!!! I love my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 SAY SOz:

Best Buds!! said...

OH MY!!!! That's insane!!! LOL!!! :) Mannnnn i would hate to be locked out of my house. Even though we have! LOL!!! :) Love ya!!!

Love Forever,

Carly said...

LOL its memories like this that you will never forget =) Love you!

Jennifer Connell said...

lol That's too fair they were shopping while your all locked outside!

Lexi said...

Carly- yep I know! N now when I have those boring days with nothing to do I can look back at this post and chuckle a little hahaha love u too!

Jen- haha ya I know I was about to dropkick them! I was like heyyyy get me first next time!!! LOL