Wednesday, November 5, 2008


IM HERE!!!! YAY!!! lol well we arrived yesterday after we stinken skipped a whole day haha and now I'm at the house with Bekah n Court after they FINALLY came home from school!!! And the most embarrasing thing happened today! Me n Katie we're sleeping around noon due to jetlag and Bro. jones and Aunt Marie came by to bring us food and I got so scared when I saw there was a guy from the military at the door!! (Bro. Jones) lol and then I noticed so I tried to hurry down the stepped and stinken fell and did a front flip down the stairs:( It was sooooooooo painful!!! sniff sniff lol
This is a pic bekah labeled:( lol hehehehe

3 SAY SOz:

aLLi said...

LOL! Ouch that sounds so painfiul, poor Lexi :(! Tell them i love and miss them all sooo much!!:)

Dr3's B!og said...

OMG!!! that is funny!!!! at least u didnt end up in a body cast like me...hahahaha

Dr3's B!og said...

This is your mommy....I don't have an account...but I say....Ouch! I think you better get in the next plane and run right home to your momma!!!lol