Thursday, November 27, 2008

My 100% Affirmative and Negative Speech:)

Alexis Richardson
English 10

Affirmative Speech:
Real men can wear pink. Today's men should feel confident enough with their MALE sexuality that they can wear whatever color they want and still look masculine. It's all in a matter of how they carry themselves. Only when someone has a feminine personality and then puts on pink do they look peculiar.
Contention 1: My brother Austin can wear pink and still manage to look fine as wine.

* The amount of phonecalls and text messages he recieves on a daily basis from many females.
* He skateboards, plays basketball, football, and baseball yet can throw on a pink tie for church and look more studly than ever.
* His personality and actions make it clear he's a male not feminine in the least.
Contention 2: Austin's large group of friends wear pink on occasion, as well.

* Colorful attire is more welcoming and pleasing to the eye as recorded in "Style Magazine" June issue 2008.
* Ski shops sell their largest amounts of winter clothing with some form of pink in it as stated by a "Zoomies" employee.
* Women like men with enough self-confidence to pull off wearing any color, particularly pink.
If a man feels good enough about himself, acts like a man, talks like a man, the color he wears doesn't make him any less of a man. If a persons skin tone looks good in a shade of pink then so be it! Go pink! Any objections?

Negative Speech:
Men that wear pink don't appear confident in their sexual orrientation thus, people dont treat them with the respect they deserve. Pink has been a girly-girl color for centuries and it should remain that way. If men were meant to wear pink, the military would dress as such.
Contention 1: Girls wear pink, Boys wear blue:

* When a baby first sees the light of day we can tell if it's a boy or a girl by the color of the ballons delivered as states registered OB nurse, Ms. Rebekah Holmes and Keiser Hospital.
* There has never been a president of the U.S. that wore pink publicly as found in "USA today" newspaper April, 2008.
* When a soldier is caught wearing pink they are ridiculed, mocked, then ordered to change as stated by US Navy recruit, Kris Ortiz.
Contention 2: Pink is soft, feminine, and should stay that way.

* Professional football players known for their masculinity do not wear pink on the field, as Austin Blake, avid pro football fan noted, October 16, 2008.
* Wrestlers across America wear primary colors only to portray solid masculinity.
* If you look in Vicoria's Secret you will find that two thirds of their inventory is pink or shades of pink and that is definetly a feminine store. (Adren Fair Mall, Sacramento)
In closing, for centuries it has been common knowledge that pink and pastels are for girls and blue and primary colors are for boys. Why not keep it simple and leave things as they are? Society today has made it clear that pink is not an exceptible color for men. Why take a chance at men's masculinity being questioned over something as silly as a color.

I got 100% on this and my teacher commented and said she loved how I made it funny but yet used examples and sources hehehe even IF I did make them up lol

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Anita said...

hahaha Lexi thats awesome! i love it!

Lexi said...

Why thank you!:) It's pure talent lol jk jk

aLLi said...

LoL! I lub it!! Though i do agree that some guys shouldn't wear pink, even all guys. I love your header pic, its awesome!:)

Lexi said...

Thanks Alli Boo!! I have to do a negative opinion and a positive so even it my opinion leaned more towards the negative I had to pretend!!! hehehe I love my header pic too! I was so proud of myself haha

CaMeRoN said...

u spelled zumiez wrong...

Calflash said...

Men should still stay away from wearing pink. I wouldn't mind my boys or nephews to have a young lady say my boys looked "sweet", but would hate for another boy to say it. (and they are out there!) Sooooooooo, why put yourself in that situation... hmmmmmm?